School Policies

Attendance Policy

Student daily attendance is important because students are more likely to succeed in academics and social development when they attend school consistently. It is difficult for the teacher and the class to build their skills and progress if a student is frequently absent from blended or remote learning.

  • A student with a 90% attendance rate is a student that has been absent 18 school days which is equal to one month of school. If a student has an attendance rate less than 90% that student is considered chronically absent.

School attendance is required by law and is critical to students’ success in school and life.

  • Research shows that children who miss 10 or more days of school in a given school year are less likely to graduate from High School. Missing even two (2) days a month adds up to 20 DAYS a year. In addition, national data shows that students with more absences score lower on standardized tests, no matter their age, demographic group, or state or city.

We want to help ensure that every student has strong attendance every year.

  • Families are encouraged to establish a daily routine and follow the school's calendar to support consistency.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Parents are NOT PERMITTED to take their child out of the school for an extended time (more than 3 absences) to attend to personal business, family matters or to vacation. Please schedule personal business, family matters, or vacations for days and times when our students are not required to attend school.

Uniform Policy

Here at Middle School 217Q we have a student dress code policy. The dress code consists of a collared polo shirt (navy blue or grey) and navy blue, Black or khaki pants. Girls may choose to wear a navy blue or khaki skirt/skort.

School Logo is not required.

There are many benefits in having our students wear a uniform to school everyday:

  • Promotes a more effective learning environment
  • Fosters school unity and pride
  • Improves student performance
  • Fosters self-esteem
  • Eliminates label competition
  • Simplifies the dressing process in the morning
  • Teaches students appropriate dress and decorum in their “work” place
  • Help to improve student conduct and discipline

Understanding all the benefits wearing a school uniform lends to our school environment any student who is out of uniform will receive a phone call home to inform the parent and may be subjected to stay for detention.

Parents and students purchase the polo shirt from Needleheads located at: 88-01 Myrtle Ave, Glendale, NY 11385 / Phone: (718) 850 - 4252.

  • Parents may also purchase the polo shirt from any available manufacture.
  • No designer emblems are permitted on the polo shirt. Needleheads is the only store in our community that will embroider the polo shirt with the school logo if desired.
  • For navy blue or khaki pants/skirt/skort parents may shop at any school uniform store.

Cookies Department Store provides 10% discount for MS 217 Students. Cookies is located at 166-21 Jamaica Avenue, NY 11432.

GYM UNIFORM is available for purchase with the students gym teacher.

Required School Supplies

1. School Uniform – polo shirt (navy blue or grey), khaki/navy blue pants or skirt

2. Five subject loose-leaf binder

3. Composition notebook

4. Subject Loose Leaf binder

5. Five pens, five pencils

6. Ruler and protractor (Calculators will be supplied by our school)

**Please note – Teachers may require additional supplies as the year progresses.

Middle School 217 School-Based Policy for Use of Cell Phones and Computing Devices on School Property

Middle School 217 School-Based Policy for Use of Cell Phones and Computing Devices
on School Property

A. The use of cell phones and computing devices at school is subject to the
conditions below:

1. Cell phones and computing devices may not be turned on or used while on school
property without authorization from a school official. Students must turn their device
off before entering the school building and keep their device off in their book bag out of
sight for the entirety of the day or students may place their cell phone in their assigned
classroom pouch as they enter the classroom daily period by period. Students will take
their cell phone from their classroom pouch as they exit the classroom, and will follow
the same procedure as they enter their next period classroom. This procedure will occur
in all classrooms.

2. Computing devices may not be turned on or used during the administration of any
school quiz, test or examination, except where such use has been explicitly authorized
by the school or is contained in an Individual Education Program or Section 504
Accommodation Plan.

3. Cell phones and computing devices may not be turned on or used during school general
response protocol drills including evacuation, lockdown, or shelter-in, or any other
emergency preparedness exercises.

4. Cell phones and computing devices may not be used in our locker rooms, bathrooms,
gymnasium, hallways, staircases or dance classroom.

5. Cell phones and computing devices may not be used in our cafeteria, schoolyard, or
auditorium without first obtaining permission from a school administrator

6. Cell phones and computing devices may not be used in areas where swimming pools
are located.

7. Cell phones and computing devices may not be turned on or used during instructional
time, except for instructional and educational purposes with the explicit approval of
the school official.

8. Students who use cell phones or computing devices in violation of any provision of the
DOE’s Discipline Code, the school’s policy, Chancellor’s regulation A-413, and/or the
DOE’s Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (“IAUSP”) will be subject to discipline
in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in
the Discipline Code.
During after-school, school-sponsored programs or activities:
The cell phone/computer device policy for after-school programs, Saturday school programs, trips,
or school events is the same as that which is followed during the regular school day.

B. Confiscation and return of electronic items.

The following is the progressive ladder of discipline that may be utilized when confiscating and
returning an electronic device:

Step 1: The student will receive a verbal warning that the device is not permitted to be
used in school, followed by the instruction to turn the device off and put it away.

Step 2: If the student fails to follow the direction of the school official and/or is found to
have been given a verbal warning in the past for violating school policy on electronic
devices the electronic device will be confiscated. The item will be returned to the
student at the end of the school day.

Step 3: If the student has violated the school policy in the past resulting in his/her device
being confiscated and returned to the student then the next time the student
violates the school policy the device will be confiscated and will be held until a
parent/guardian arranges a date and time with the school official to discuss the
nature of the repeated violation as well as to pick up the device. An outcome of the
parent/guardian meeting will be the creation and signature (student, parent, and
school official signatures required) detailing a behavioral contract whereby the
student and parent agree the student will not violate school policy on the use of
digital devices while on school grounds. The contract will specify if the student
violates the policy the privilege to possess the item on school grounds will be

Step 4: Revocation of privilege to bring cell or electronic device to school.

*********** Students who use a cell phone or any electronic device to video a member of our
community without the permission of that member of our community in or out of
school will have their cell or electronic device confiscated by school staff and may
have the privilege of having a cell phone in school revoked.

**** Please note – MS 217 is not responsible for an electronic device that is lost, stolen, or