DOE Health Screening

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Before entering the school building, please fill out the health screening form.

In order for your child to return to in-person learning, you must submit the consent form for in-school COVID-19 testing by the first day your child returns to their school building.


  • ENL Classes for Adults

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  • Last Day of ENL Classes

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  • SOTM Celebrations

    Please check your emails for Links and Invitations

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  • Tuesdays Chat with Principal Burns

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  • PTA Meeting

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  • Make sure your on!!

    OPEROO ( MS217 Database System/ Consent Forms)
    JUMPROPE ( MS217 Progress Report System)
    NYCSA ( D.O.E. Report Cards and more)
    If you are unable to login to any of these accounts please reach out to Ms. Escala 
    MS 217
  • Please take a moment to review

    Dear MS 217 Families 


    The video release on Friday of the killing of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis Police officers is deeply disturbing and traumatizing for all members of our school community.  Our MS 217 Crisis Team staff members will be available to support students, their families, and staff in processing this horrific event beginning tomorrow upon student arrival.  In addition, our staff will provide a structured opportunity to engage our students in conversation on the matter while being respectful to all.  Our goal is to provide our students the opportunity to speak about the emotion they, or their friends, or their family maybe be experiencing and to validate their voice.   


    We have shared the following resource with our staff today and will utilize it to support conversations with students beginning tomorrow.  



    Please remind your child that as a member of our school community they are never alone.  Their emotions are real, and they matter greatly.  If at any time your child expresses a concern, please inform our school so that together we may support your child 


    Thank you 

    Patrick Burns
    Robert A Van Wyck Middle School 217
    MS 217
  • New Programs!!!

    Students have received New Schedules which will go on effect tomorrow!

    Take a moment with your student and review this program.

    Have an amazing evening.

    MS 217
  • Happy Monday MS217 Families

    MS 217
  • Have an amazing Weekend! See you all on Monday!!

    Please remember school will resume Monday January 23, 2023


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    Create you NYCSA 

    MS 217
  • NO SCHOOL MONDAY 01/16/2022 Observance of Martin Luther King Day

    MS 217
  • January 2023 MS217 Cell Phone Policy

    MS 217
  • Back to School Tuesday 1/3/2023

    Please be advised school will resume January 3, 2023 8am

    All students must be ready to head in the school building 7:55am 

    Welcome back MS217

    MS 217
  • Winter Concert Tonight 5:30pm

    MS 217
  • Grading Policy

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